Aliyah Alibhai | ND | Naturopathic Doctor Toronto – My Canadian Naturopath

Dr. Aliyah Alibhai is a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto and Brampton. She is passionate about helping empower people and motivating them to reach their health and wellness goals. Aliyah strongly believes that everything in your body is connected and when something is out of balance, these manifest as unusual symptoms or concerns.

Aliyah has a general practice where her goal is to optimize an individual’s health and lifestyle she but is especially interested in treating digestive concerns. An unhealthy digestive system is too often overlooked and is frequently associated with other symptoms such as skin conditions, anxiety, asthma and allergies. Aliyah also enjoys working with biotherapeutic drainage and hormonal imbalances. No matter what your ailment, Dr. Aliyah will provide individualized care based on a thorough intake including complete health history, lifestyle and environmental factors.