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Yuvraj Travels Udaipur Ambulance Service Provides Fast & Quick Access for Ambulance in Accident and Emergency. When you require it. Where you require it. For Saving lives and your loved ones.Udaipur peoples had been suffering for a long time and traveling all the way to Ahmadabad for emergency medical services. Looking forward to the long awaited need of Udaipur people for emergency services Yuvraj Travels Ambulance Service had come up with an Exclusive Emergency trauma and Critical care Centre. The Department had well trained counselors and doctors to handle any kind of emergencies round the clock. We are committed to providing quality healthcare services to the patients to recover their health as swiftly as possible. This unit was established in 2010, on the principles of compassion, caring and community partnership. We provide a wide – range of medical needs with the highest level of know-how and healthcare across the region. We strive to find creative ways to enhance our quality in patient care by setting exceptional standards, 360* care, optimal cure and highest comfort with the help of latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities at reasonable prices.