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Staging and configuration By EXCEED ICT

Procuring, staging, deploying, and managing large fleets of devices can be difficult, costly and time consuming. Whether it be an existing fleet refresh or a brand new Greenfields deployment, the... Read More

Cybersecurity Platform Signs New Tech Sales Channel Innovators To Provide Advanced Data Security To Business, Enterprise and Government sectors. Exceed ICT today announced that Cryptoloc Three-Key Encryption will form the basis... Read More

Brisbane based Exceed ICT has acquired one of Telstra’s longest standing Business and Enterprise partners, MG Corporate, for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition is part of Exceed ICT’s strategy to become... Read More

European quality for Australian Bins

No time to waste!​ Is litter becoming a serious problem? Not with the yStop range. These smart waste bins prevent surrounding litter and issues with vermin, and their modern and sustainable... Read More

Help Desk Intercom – EXCEED ICT

Help Desk Intercom - Live Human Video Help-Desk Software - Built on the cloud - Only PC with Camera/Audi ired - Install in minutes / Simple Set-up - Patented “jump” screen technology* - Broadcast pre-recorded vid... Read More


QR VIDEO INTERCOM Pro * Info-Video-Text * Video-Voice-Text * Nothing to install. * No app download. * Built on the cloud. * Just a QR code. Full advanced features. More sections. More Groups. More Intercom Operators. More Options... Read More

Data is the new oil. It powers businesses across the globe and drives innovation. However, it also makes them a vulnerable target for hackers and ransomware. How much do you value... Read More

What’s the Queensland government’s rules for mobile phones whilst on the road? Here’s a guide so you can avoid fines and demerits and drive safer. It’s illegal to have your phone in... Read More