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Hakeem Akintunde Ogunmowo at Summer Bloom Homes is a custom home builder who you can rely on for making your home-building dreams come true. He works on the philosophy of... Read More

Hakeem believes that everybody deserves a customized home. It’s his aim to make one available for all. He promises a completely custom home and guides you through the procedure of... Read More

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Being a reliable custom home building contractor with expensive experience and knowledge, we can quickly put up rustic, traditional, or modern homes of your choice. Regarding his professional reliability quality,... Read More

Whether you need residential design service, including structural and architectural ready-to-get plans, or are looking for design consultation, site inspection, pre-construction meeting, financing help, or material selection help, Hakeem is... Read More

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Hakeem Akintunde Ogunmowo is here to offer bespoke construction services. He builds from a unique perspective. He works hard to offer his clients with a flexible, innovative, honest, and individual... Read More

Hakeem akintunde Ogunmowo help you through each step of the process of building your dream home. We work closely with home designers and engineers on the design and planning of... Read More