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MocDoc LIMS software simplifies sample tracking

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How to choose the best Hospital Management System (HMS)

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Sample Tracking in LIMS System: How Does It Work?

Sample tracking by MocDoc LIMS allows for complete ease of tracking samples collected at various locations. In the process of collecting a sample from a patient, a unique barcode is... Read More

Cloud-based EMR system to keep your data safe with easy access

MocDoc Electronic medical record system stores your patient data in the cloud, ensuring data security and at the same time providing user-friendly access. Specialty-based custom template for easy entry of patient... Read More

Are you looking for software to help with your IVF treatments?

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Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

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How to Invest in a Hospital Management System – Understanding the Pricing

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How HMS improves the productivity of the hospitals?

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Do you need a digital prescription for your Hospital/Clinic?

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Management reports for pharmacies – Pharmacy inventory management software

Access to management reports is available via mobile and Web anytime. Pharmacies can now use the MocDoc MIS Reports to generate all analytical reports. Pharmacies can simplify account management through export... Read More