Ayurvedic Panchakarma Doctor In Pune

Shree Ayurved Panchakarma Hospital provides all types of panchakarma treatments and Dr. Prashant Daundkar Patil & Dr. Priya Daundkar Patil are the best Panchkarma doctor in Pune. They are the leading and experienced practitioner in Pune.
Panchkarma clinic provides Garbhsanskar, physiotherapy, Yoga, Ksharsutra surgery, ICO for critically ill pationts and also treatment to a common man all under one roof. Our Specialized treatments are Arthritis, Diabetes, Infertility, Kidney Stone, Paralysis, Psoriasis, Skin Care treatment, Spondylosis, Digestive disorders, Obesity and Coronary heat disease.
Ayurveda is the oldest but most effective form of medical treatment.