Best Oncology Hospital in Guntur – Arka Hospital

Arka Hospital stands as a beacon of hope and healing in Guntur, acclaimed as the Best Oncology Hospital in the region. Spearheaded by a team of dedicated and skilled medical professionals, Arka Hospital is committed to providing exceptional oncology care, making a significant impact on the lives of cancer patients. At the forefront of this endeavor are Dr. Pavan Raghava Reddy Kalluri, a renowned Medical Pediatric and Hemato-oncologist, Dr. Hemanth Makineni, an expert Surgical Oncologist, and Dr. Raju Naidu D.S, a seasoned oncology specialist.
Dr. Pavan Raghava Reddy Kalluri brings a wealth of expertise to Arka Hospital, specializing in Medical Pediatrics and Hemato-oncology. With a compassionate approach, he strives to offer personalized and comprehensive care to young patients facing hematological and oncological challenges. Dr. Kalluri's commitment to advancing medical knowledge and adopting cutting-edge treatments positions Arka Hospital as a center of excellence in pediatric oncology.
Dr. Hemanth Makineni, a distinguished Surgical Oncologist, plays a pivotal role in the hospital's mission to combat cancer. Armed with extensive surgical skills and a patient-centered philosophy, Dr. Makineni tackles complex cases with precision and compassion. His expertise covers a wide range of surgical oncology procedures, ensuring that Arka Hospital delivers top-notch care in the field.
Dr. Raju Naidu D.S, an esteemed oncology specialist, contributes significantly to the hospital's reputation as a premier oncology center. With a focus on providing holistic cancer care, Dr. Naidu employs a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, ensuring that patients receive the most effective and comprehensive care possible. His dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements in oncology solidifies Arka Hospital's position as a leader in the field.
Arka Hospital stands out not only for its exceptional medical team but also for its state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology,