Carbon footprint consultant In Dubai

Agile Advisors provides Carbon footprint consultant In Dubai, Carbon footprints are an all-inclusive assessment of the resources you use, both directly and indirectly contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases. These are the leading causes of carbon emissions, while more can be included. However, only direct emissions are included in this list. Emissions calculations include indirect emissions in equal measure. Other businesses involved in the final product's value chain, such as subsidiaries, are also considered. A corporation can determine its carbon footprint by engaging specific experts in carbon emissions or using an internet calculator (albeit they could be more thorough). As a result, by accurately estimating its carbon obligations and avoiding needless emissions, the company better understands how to offset them. In technical terms, carbon footprints are divided into two categories: product carbon footprint (PCF) and corporate carbon footprint. The type of business will determine which definition to use before moving forward with reducing carbon emissions.