Hotronix Fusion IQ Heat Press Machine

Graphic t-shirts have attractive designs that make them visually appealing. Whenever you shop for tees or tops, you look for attractive designs. Also, it can be said that t-shirt designers try to create more attractive designs. T-shirts are designed with a heat press machine that produces amazing designs.

Hotronix Heat Press is the best machine for t-shirt printing. It has two arms called platen. They are called the lower platen and the upper platen. The lower platen remains stationary or fixed but the upper platen is made movable so it can be moved down to press the design. Also, the lower arm has a heating feature. It is where a t-shirt or surface to be printed is placed.

Fusion IQ Heat Press is the latest machine for transfer printing. It is the best in many ways including heat and pressure control. If you are looking for a machine for transfer printing, you can consider this machine