How we help you become ISO 27001 compliant?

"SharkStriker offer comprehensive support to help you achieve ISO 27001 compliance, employing a structured approach and tailored solutions to meet your organization's specific needs. Here's how we assist you:

Initial Assessment: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your current information security practices and identify gaps compared to ISO 27001 requirements.

Customized Roadmap: Based on the assessment results, we develop a personalized roadmap outlining the steps needed to achieve compliance, prioritizing actions based on risk levels.

Policy Development: Our experts assist in creating and refining information security policies and procedures aligned with ISO 27001 standards.

Risk Management: We facilitate risk assessments to identify, analyze, and prioritize potential threats to your information assets, guiding you in implementing effective risk mitigation measures.

Staff Training: We offer training sessions to educate your employees on information security best practices, ensuring everyone understands their role in maintaining compliance.

ISMS Implementation: We help establish an Information Security Management System (ISMS), including defining roles and responsibilities, setting up controls, and implementing monitoring mechanisms.

Ongoing Support: Our team provides continuous guidance, conducting regular audits and reviews to monitor progress, address emerging risks, and maintain compliance readiness.

Certification Preparation: We support you throughout the certification process, preparing documentation, facilitating audits, and addressing any findings to ensure successful certification.

With our holistic approach and dedicated support, we streamline the journey towards ISO 27001 compliance, empowering your organization to enhance information security and build trust with stakeholders.

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