Lisa Adams | BSC,ND | Naturopathic Doctor Mississauga – My Canadian Naturopath

Dr. Lisa is a registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine practicing family medicine for over 10 years in Mississauga, Ontario. Her clinical focus is in women’s and children’s health, mental/emotional wellness, and fertility and pregnancy. Additionally, she works with many clients suffering from various digestive concerns.

Her interest in these areas was sparked from her own personal journey: she successfully overcame hormonal imbalances, PCOS and fertility challenges, as well as struggles with fatigue, migraines, and anxiety by using naturopathic principles and holding the same empathetic compassion she has for her patients. This journey towards authentic health and happiness as a busy mom and Naturopathic Doctor ultimately propelled her forward on her mission as a women’s health expert to bring clarity and calm to the chaos of family and professional life. She is passionate about helping busy professionals and burnt out moms achieve renewed energy and motivation, manage stress and anxiety, and to love their body and lifestyle.