Market Growth of Global In Silico Drug Discovery Services to Remain Sluggish through 2021 – 2030

The report features an extensive study on the current landscape and the likely future potential of the companies offering services for the discovery of large molecule drugs based on the use of in silico tools and techniques. The study features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various industry stakeholders. In addition to other elements, the report includes:
• A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of companies offering in silico drug discovery services for large molecules.
• Elaborate profiles of key industry players that offer a wide range of in silico drug discovery services (shortlisted on the basis of the company size).
• A detailed peer group-based benchmarking analysis, comparing the involved players based on several relevant parameters related to company and services.
• An insightful competitiveness analysis featuring a four-dimensional bubble chart, highlighting the key players in this domain.
• A detailed analysis assessing the current opportunity within in silico drug discovery services market.
• A discussion on the various business strategies that can be adopted by in silico drug discovery service providers in order to maintain a competitive edge in this industry.
• An insightful analysis highlighting the cost saving potential associated with the use of in silico approaches in the drug discovery process.
• A case study comparing the key challenges associated with the discovery and production of large molecules.
• Insights from an industry-wide survey, featuring inputs solicited from various experts in this domain.
• A discussion on the upcoming computational approaches that are being adopted for drug discovery purposes.
• A case study highlighting several non-computational methods / technologies used in drug discovery process.
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