The series originally aired on TVNZ in 2016, and is now available to watch on Netflix in Australia,

Our world-renowned surgeons completed incredible transformations, from Facelifts and Tummy Tucks to Rhinoplasty and Breast Lifts, within the stunning backdrop of Phuket. Operations were performed in a world-class hospital by leading plastic surgeons, and recovery was about being pampered with luxury in five-star hotels.

“Beauty and the Beach” is bringing a positive change the way people perceive cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic or ‘plastic surgery’ is no longer just for the rich and famous. And it’s no longer a taboo subject. Our clients are proud to show the work they’ve had done and the improvements they experience in their physical appearance as well as to their confidence, mind-set and relationships. For many, it’s a metamorphosis.

“Beauty and the Beach” is a great way to see what the experience of medical tourism might be like for you.