The special process & binding of magazine printing

Magazine printing is not an easy task. It requires detailed analysis and planning of every aspect as every part of the process. Below are some warm tips from professional printer of magazine printing china:

Magazine printing process:

1. Pre-printing: The process flow for completing the film and proofing is calculated per P, generally A4 (if less than A4 or greater than A4 is A3, so be sure to measure the exact size so that it can be used for price checking). The pricing standard. The film is a necessity for the machine, and the printing proof is the most basic document for the machine to check the color.

2. Printing: It is the key link in the completion of the printed product, and the pricing standard is the color order. If there are spot colors, such as the spot color of the company's LOGO or printing gold or silver, etc. Please specify, it will increase from 4 colors to 5 colors and 6 colors.

3. Post-printing: usually the product work after the printed product is printed. Be sure to specify: saddle stitches or plastic nails, folding (how many folds?); whether the post-printing process has laminating or UV, die-cutting, bronzing and embossing area should also be clearly stated, packaging, packing quantity such as Please specify if you have special requirements.

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