What are the supremacies of studying MBBS in Russia for India students?

 The Russian Federal Government had owned all the top medical universities of the Russia which enables the subsidized tuition fee for all the students.
 The quality of education is not affected by the subsidy in tuition fee of university as it is overviewed by the research and science managements.
 As told above that Russia has the top 30 medical universities of the world which promises the world class education.
 Most of the Russian medical universities provide MCI screening test which results in good in Foreign Medical Graduate Exams(FMGE) conducted by the Government of India.
 All the medical universities are approved by the National Medical Council of India (NMC) and appreciated by the World Health Organization (WHO).
 Medical degree from Russian Medical Universities are respected and reputed globally
 Students graduated from there are eligible to appear on the PLAB and USMLE.
 Indian students graduated from there are eligible to appear on the FMGE or MCI screening test as it is approved by NMC.
 Indian students studying MBBS in Russia, can get Indian food easily as there are numerous Indian restaurants in the cities of the country also Indian mess is available in most of the universities.
 Medical Universities of Russia focuses in goal oriented learning by focusing on skill development of the students.
 Most of the universities provide education in English medium which disables the any type of language barrier

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