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The book, "Encouraging A Friend With Our Trials" by Jamie Pulos-Fry, is about a true accident story that happened in the life of Jamie over twenty years ago. With pictures,... Read More

This is also highly crucial with the internet’s influence today. Companies must have a digital logo design that can catch people’s attention as they’re subconsciously scrolling down a plethora of... Read More

Odia Book Aama Gangadhar is Written by Babaji Charan Patnaik distributed by Aama Odisha .Gangadhara was brought into the world in 1862 on the full moon day of Shravana Purnima... Read More

Go Surendra Sae (23 January 1809 - 28 February 1884) was an Indian progressive who consumed his time on earth battling contrary to English rule in India. Go Surendra Sae... Read More

Arka Kshetra Konark is written by Anil Dey & Published by Aama Odisha.Verifiable confirmations are inadequate and dispersed. Students of history have attempted to make up for the shortcomings with... Read More

Dr. Bimalendu Mohanty (born on 14 July 1937) is a well-known academician, civil servant, historian, writer, columnist, Major (NCC under the Ministry of Defence), and social activist with a career... Read More

This is a combined volume of three very popula novels of Surendra Mohanty (1. Nilasaila, 2. Niladiri Vijay, 3. Krushnabenire Sandhya) revolving arround Sri Jagannath of Puri, who is the... Read More

Bagharani Khairi written by Akila Mohan Pattnayak published by Ama Odisha.The Shimilipal is an internationally renowned tiger and forest reserve. It became source of international attention in 1960's when the... Read More

Jagannath Prasad Das (conceived 26 April 1936) is an Indian author, poet,painter, dramatist and writer who writes in Odia. Beginning his vocation with a concise showing task as partner teacher... Read More

Janaki Ballabh Patnaik was an Indian lawmaker who had been Legislative head of Assam from 2009 to 2014. A head of the Indian Public Congress, he was Boss Clergyman of... Read More