Author: Jed Relativo

Propaganda could take on many shapes, though they served one purpose. To make any flawed leaders look good, even god-like. It works, most of the time that is. Careful propaganda... Read More

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Admittedly, the reason why my friends are into swordsmanship is because of the sword itself. They just want to handle swords, that's all. They don't care about winning competitions or... Read More

In December 11, 2009, Arnis, a Filipino fighting method was declared as national sports. Though widely practiced in various school competitions, there is more to Arnis than just games. Many... Read More

For more than 300 years, the Philippines became the subject of world powers. It started with Spain, then the United States, and briefly with Imperial Japan. Having spent centuries under... Read More

Although the Philippines never had a united pre-Hispanic nation, the individual domains that existed were wonders in their own right. And these separate kingdoms had one thing in common—a strong... Read More

As the year 2022 opened, Russia made a bold flex by defying the international community and invading Ukraine. They will free Ukraine of Nazis, they said, and the war won’t... Read More

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The people of North Korea always see their Great Leader as a deity, rather than a head of state. Yet if disagreeing will cause you more than prison sentence, the... Read More

Instead of bolstering Russia’s fierce image as world power, its attempt to take Ukraine did the opposite. In fact, a series of disastrous campaigns demystified its invincibility, and within months,... Read More